Pete McKenzie, Melbourne

10 weeks into the 12 week MVP group training challenge and the results are bloody amazing!

Me being a novice in the gym, Matt’s approach has been to ensure my understanding of what muscle group the exercise is working and where I should feel it before I even lift the bar. To Matt, it’s not just about lifting as much as you can, he wants you to know the benefit.

I was apprehensive of injury being very tall and having a history of back pain. No need for concern; he’s constantly monitoring my technique, making adjustments to avoid injury – followed by incremental weight increase to build a solid core and drive very noticeable full body results.

Having had a successful career in rugby, this larger than life kiwi boy is never short of an encouraging remark or ‘shout-out’ to push individuals and the squad thru the barrier – followed by an ‘I told you so’ cheeky grin when you’ve worked your arse off smashing thru another level that seemed totally impossible.
So far I’ve managed 6kgs’s of lean muscle, have an appreciation of good food and adopted a healthier lifestyle going forward…… 12 weeks is only the beginning.

Pete McKenzie, MANAGER 2XU, Melbourne January 9, 2017

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